“WOLFRAM” Company JSC is the biggest producer of tungsten products in Russia and one of the key player on the international tungsten market. 
Development strategy of the company is the creation of the modern vertically integrated holding. From ore mining to the production of the advance refined finished goods, capable of meeting Russian market needs and successfully competing with market leaders from abroad. 
Our mission is to develop tungsten industry in Russia along with mastering the production the whole range of tungsten products and constant improvement in quality.



To this day the company has taken the ground in a vast product range on the domestic market. We supply the following industries: mining, oil and gas, machinery, chemical production, defense industry and steel production.
With high quality and correct marketing policy our products have a stable constant demand abroad.

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Geography of WOLFRAM
Company, JSC

Our enterprises are located all over the territory of Russian Federation
Starting with refining plants in central region and in the Caucasus to deposits in the Far East. All refining plants are conveniently situated in terms of logistics – in close proximity to our end-users.