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Our mission

Waste treatment is a question of global importance.

Wolfram Company is concerned about preserving the ecosystem on local and global levels and regularly monitors the emission of waste on site of its production facilities in order to avoid exceedance of the environmental limits. Recycling of scrap materials and tailings recultivation provide environmentally friendly form of waste treatment.

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Wolfram Company has always been a supporter of the conflict free material program. We are among the first companies who applied to the CFSI audition and are proud to have an official status of a conflict free tungsten smelter. The Audition has been completed in July 2015 and Wolfram Company is now listed on the web-site of CFSI. We strongly believe that it is in the hands of tungsten smelters to eliminate criminal side and cruelty from the market of raw materials. Therefore, Wolfram Company has always purchased from the mines outside conflict territories. We make sure that our suppliers provide good working conditions at their mines and check it with our own auditions.


We are a constant member of the International Tungsten Industry Association (ITIA) since 2007. Companies-members of the association are the major drivers of the tungsten industry. On annual meetings they discuss main problems and trends of the industry.

Goals of the association:

1) promotion of the use of tungsten products

2) coordination of the extensive work programme of the ITIA Health, Safety and Environment Committee

3) organization of regular meetings for the tungsten industry worldwide

4) collecting comprehensive statistics on production, processing, consumption and end-use of tungsten and distribution of the annual statistical report

5) exchanging the information with other metal associations.